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3-month Guarantee

The Keeper (natural gum rubber) and The Moon Cup (medical grade silicone) are both FDA-approved and the only menstrual cups made in America.

Use your Keeper or Moon Cup for 3 months (but not one day more) from the date of purchase.

If you are not completely satisfied, return it to your place of purchase for a refund, provided that the stem has not been cut to less than ½ of its original length. Occasionally, a woman believes that trimming the stem of The Keeper or The Moon Cup will provide a more comfortable fit. However, if you cut off more than ½ of the original length of the stem, your Keeper or Moon Cup cannot be returned for refund. The stem serves a very important purpose; it is essential for easy insertion and removal of your Keeper or Moon Cup.

More information about inserting and removing your Keeper or Moon Cup is available on the Question and Answer section of this Web site.

Visit The Keeper or Moon Cup pages to order.

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