What Problems And Symptoms Causes For Jaundice?

It becomes really very mandatory to call to any one of the health care practitioner in any case if you or any of your baby develop the little bit of the symptoms of the jaundice. This is very important otherwise the jaundice for them can be a very serious disease. Jaundice may sometime also be the sign of the serious and any of the other underlying much problematic medical condition.

In any of the case if you are however unable to reach to the doctor or to the medical practitioner and can also not be  seen easily to any of your health care practitioner within in a timemanner then it is always best suggested to go to any one of the emergency department to get the further evaluation of the problems you might have been suffering from the cause of the jaundice.

Symptoms causing the jaundice

Jaundice is simply a sign of any of the underlying disease or sometime it can also be a simple and realistic process. The major symptoms of the jaundice are been given here. Any of the very common and general signs and symptoms which are to be seen in the individuals with the problem of the jaundice includes the below given symptoms.

The yellow discoloration of skin or the mucous membranes and whites of eyes

The lightcolored stool

The darkcolored urine and

The itching of skin.

The underlying disease process canalso be a result in some of the additional sign and the symptoms.
These additional signs and symptoms may include
nausea and the vomiting,
the abdominal pain,
loss of the appetite,
swelling in legs and in the abdomen,
newborn jaundice

In the newborns as bilirubin level raisesthe jaundice can typically progress further from head to directly trunkand then in some other cases the hand and the feet. Some additional signs and the symptoms which may be anytime seen in newborn do include:

The poor feeding,

The lethargy

Some changes in the muscle tone

High pitched crying and

The seizures

It is the health care provider or the practitioner who will need takingthe detailed history of patient’s illness and in some cases he/she would also be examined in order to see that whether there issome of the finding that might indicate cause of patient’s jaundice.