Home remedies for strep throat

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is useful in treating strep throat.  There are several ways of preparing cayenne pepper for the strep throat.

1)       Four tablespoons of cayenne pepper, 16 pressed cloves of garlic and one teaspoonful of cayenne pepper are prepared. Combine all the ingredients and get one half teaspoonful every thirty minutes. Never attempt to drink any fluid in order to allow the mixture to cover your throat. Also, cayenne is beneficial in boosting the body’s immune system while the garlic will be useful in eliminating the bacteria.  If this is done properly, there will be significant improvement after 24 hours.

2)      One eighth teaspoonful of cayenne pepper is prepared for swallowing.  Allow the cayenne to cover the throat for about five minutes. Just bear the burning sensation and drink a small cup of milk after. Try doing this every hour and within a day, you will be able to see some improvements.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This can also make you feel better fast. A tablespoonful of apple cider vinegar and eight ounce of water are prepared and then combine them. Get a tablespoonful of the mixture, use it as a gargle and then spit it out. This should be done every half an hour and within two days, there will be significant improvement.  Apparently, this treatment can provide more comfort than the cayenne pepper treatment.


The pain in the throat can have immediate relief if you suck lozenges. These will make the throat moist and will stimulate the production of saliva. In order to avoid irritation, herbal-based lozenges should only be used.

Lemon and Honey

A mixture of lemon and honey will provide a tasty relief for the throat. Add a tablespoonful of honey and lemon to a glass of hot water. Then allow it to cool down and then sip it when it becomes warm.  Do this for another time when necessary.

Gargling Salt Water

Warm salt water which is used as gargle is a simple remedy and can be effective for the treatment of strep throat. Combine a teaspoonful of salt water into a tiny cup full of warm water.  Use the mixture as a gargle every four hours when necessary.


In a cup of water, boil one half teaspoonful of cinnamon for about ten minutes.  Once the cup is warm, add a teaspoonful of honey.  Try drinking the mixture three or four times every day.  This will provide you with instant relief because it soothes the itchy throat.


This can be consumed without any combination if there are bacterial infections in the throat. This is a strong natural antibiotic and can be effective in curing the strep throat. This will also speed up the process of recovery.

Chamomile Tea

This is extremely soothing and relaxing.  Chamomile tea should be taken three to four times a day if you have strep throat.

Mentholated Salve

Rubbing a natural salve like the mentholated salve on the throat and chest areas can be effective if your child is suffering from strep throat. The warmth can be helpful so that the child can breathe better and feel more comfortable.  This can be combined with steam treatment. Simply add some mentholated salve or eucalyptus into a bowl of water that is extremely hot. Then let the child inhale the steam.  These two methods can significantly relieve the chest and throat so that it will be easier for the child to sleep.